Counselling is a process of change, which can be a really positive experience however can also sometimes feel quite daunting. That is why it’s so important as a client to be allowed to move at your own pace in your own way, using your counsellor for support and guidance on your journey. My approach is to work in collaboration with the client, enabling them to maintain autonomy and equality. I encourage the client to engage in highly focused short term therapy, seeking where possible to avoid drawn out and expensive therapy. Of course where longer term and more in depth counselling is required, this would be discussed with the client and arrangement for an extended contract made.

Many issues and problems can be addressed with counselling. Some counsellors specialise and are trained in specific areas. My particular areas of expertise are:-

Depression, anxiety and stress, bereavement, sexual or physical abuse, relationships, work place issues and family issues.

If you are considering therapy, especially for the first time, the initial information gathering and approaches can be somewhat complex and difficult. Not everyone feels comfortable picking up the telephone to discuss personal issues. To help overcome these problems I can offer, in confidence, an email exchange of information or, if you prefer the telephone, a brief conversation where you can get simple and straightforward answers to your questions and concerns.